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Doctor on call at Home 24/7 in Dubai

Doctor at Home/ Hotel/ Office in Dubai

Call Doctor in Dubai allows our DHA-qualified Doctors to consult in people's homes, hotels, or offices, and provides required healthcare in Dubai 24/7. Trusted by Customers.

Medilife Home care clinic in Dubai with a team of doctors

24/7 service

DHA approved specialists

Medilife Home Healthcare Dubai Dr. Sana Ejaz, Dubai

Doctor on Call Dubai MBBS, ACLS & BLS certified, American Heart Association member

Dr. Sana Ejaz, Dubai

Dr. Sana Ejaz is a General Practitioner with over 8 years of medical expertise.

She received her MBBS from Ziauddin University in Karachi, Pakistan, in 2013. She is well-versed in all aspects of general medicine, including chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Eczema/Allergies, Asthma/COPD, Obesity, and Hypertension, as well as Thyroid dysfunctions, Cancer Screening, Smoking Cessation, Infectious Diseases, Acute Infections, GERD, Pain Management, I/V Therapies, Preventive care, Health and Wellness Checkups, and Travel Advice.

Dr. Sana is committed to delivering whole-person patient care and has an extensive understanding of prevention, diagnosis, and counselling with the purpose of offering realistic, attainable objectives for improved health and well-being.

She is fluent in English, Urdu, and Hindi.

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Doctor at Home

Our DHA-qualified Doctors visit at your place

Get Medications

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Doctor on Call/ Doctor Home Visit Services

House Call Doctor in Dubai Anytime, Anywhere 24/7

At Medilife Home Healthcare, we offer a Doctor visit at home service in Dubai. Our team aims to reach you within 30-60 minutes, ensuring prompt treatment. Our Doctor at Home service allows you to consult with a doctor in the comfort of your own space, whether it's your home, workplace, or hotel. With our 24/7 Doctor on Call at Home service, you'll receive personalized medical care tailored to your needs.If you require medical assistance but can't make it to a hospital, our Doctor Call service in Dubai is here for you. Our team of housecall doctors is ready to visit your home promptly, ensuring you receive the care you need without having to leave your space. Whether you need a doctor to visit your home,hotel or office, we're just a call away. Our at-home doctor service provides convenient and personalized medical care in Dubai, tailored to your needs.

Doctor on Call/ Doctor Home Visit Services

Dentist at Home in Dubai, UAE

To receive hassle-free healthcare in the comfort of your home, office, or hotel, book a dentist at-home service in Dubai. Save time and money by avoiding long lineups and busy traffic hours. Whether a root canal is necessary or a lost tooth has to be replaced, we make sure the appropriate doctor is handling the case.

Our DHA-approved dentists make it a priority to address the majority of your problems in a single appointment, hence minimizing the need for additional appointments. We adhere to universal precautions, sterilization techniques, and international standards of treatment.

Medilife Home Healthcare Dubai Dentist at Home in Dubai, UAE
Medilife Home Healthcare Dubai ECG Test at Home in Dubai, UAE​

ECG Test at Home in Dubai, UAE

After you book an ECG test at Home, our health technician will be dispatched to any location in Dubai at the scheduled time. The tools we offer are portable, precise, easy to use, and put through strict safety inspections to give you the most adequate evaluation of your heart.

A medical technician will apply tiny, sticky sensors called metal electrodes to the skin of the chest, arms, and legs during an ECG (Electrocardiogram) test. It takes 5-10 minutes and is painless. By studying the ECG test results, the cardiologist will assess how the heart is doing and provide a therapy recommendation.

Doctor Consultation at Home in Dubai & Medications

Our DHA-qualified Doctors will do the examination and provide you the required medications. You may buy the pills online or at your local pharmacy. Book a Doctor Home Visit using medication at home service in the convenience of your own home, place of business, or hotel. Highly personalized medical care is provided by our 24-hour doctor visit at home services. Our home care clinic in Dubai specializes in providing expert medical care right at your doorstep through our doctor call service. When you need a doctor on call, our team of experienced physicians is ready to deliver comprehensive healthcare services in the comfort of your home. Our doctor on call near me feature ensures that you can quickly locate a nearby doctor for immediate assistance. With our dr on call service, you no longer need to worry about scheduling conflicts or long waits at the clinic. Our call doctor at home service brings professional medical care directly to you, ensuring timely and efficient treatment. Whether it's a routine check-up or urgent medical attention, our call on doctor service is designed to meet your healthcare needs. Our call doctor to home service is particularly beneficial for elderly patients, those with mobility issues, or anyone who prefers the convenience of home visits.

Medilife Home Healthcare Dubai Medication at Home in Dubai

Schedule Consultation with Home Visit Doctor in Dubai

To keep ahead of the medical field and simplify people's lives, we have a network of clinics, pharmacies, Telemedicine, Medical Tourism, medical evacuation & air ambulance, and other healthcare services.

You should choose Medilife for several reasons:

  1. Convenience: We offer Doctor on Call services, bringing medical care to your doorstep, whether you're at home, work, or a hotel. No need to travel to a clinic or hospital.

  2. Prompt Response: Our team aims to reach you within 30-60 minutes of your call, ensuring timely medical attention when you need it most.

  3. Quality Care: Our housecall doctors are highly qualified professionals who provide personalized medical treatment, ensuring you receive the highest standard of care.

  4. Availability: We operate 24/7, so you can access medical assistance Doctor at home services anytime, day or night, even on weekends and holidays.

  5. Peace of Mind: With Medilife, you can rest assured that your health needs are taken care of efficiently and effectively, allowing you to focus on your well-being without any hassle.

Schedule an appointment for any at-home health care service in Dubai, including PCR tests, doctor-on-call services, glutathione treatments, lab tests at home , flu shots Vaccinations, confidential STD /STI test, IV fluids Therapy , Blood test at home and more.

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    What is a doctor on call service? And who can use these services?

    A doctor on call service allows you to request a doctor to visit your home or hotel for medical consultation and treatment. Anyone who want to get treatment at their place like home, hotel or office can avail doctor on call service at their comfort

    How does a call for doctor service work?

    You can call for a doctor to visit your location by contacting a healthcare provider or using a mobile app or website. The doctor will arrive at your designated place to provide medical care.

    What is a doctor at home service? And who can get at home doctor service?  

    A doctor at home service enables you to receive medical attention from a doctor without having to leave your residence. The doctor comes to your home for consultation and treatment.

    How can I find a doctor on call in Dubai ?

    You can find a “doctor on call in Dubai” by searching online or contacting healthcare providers offering this service in the area.

    What are the benefits of doctors on home visit ?

    Doctors on home visit offer convenience, personalized care, and comfort. They save you the hassle of traveling to a clinic and provide medical attention in familiar surroundings and you don’t need to leave your place and you can get doctor at your home with the comfort of your place

    How do home visiting doctors in Dubai operate?

    Home visiting doctors in Dubai are healthcare professionals qualified by Dubai Health Authority , who travel to patients’ homes or hotels or even offices,  to provide medical care. They offer a wide range of services, from dr consultations to treatments at home.

    Can I request a doctor who visits home for my elderly family member?

    Yes, you can request a “doctor who visits home” to provide medical care for your elderly family member. This service ensures that they receive proper healthcare without having to leave their home.

    What services are included in home care services in Dubai ?

    Home care services in Dubai encompass a range of healthcare services provided in the comfort of patients’ homes or hotel , including medical consultations, nursing care, physiotherapy, and medication management.

    How does a doctor hotel service benefit travelers?

    A doctor hotel service provides travelers with access to medical care without leaving their hotel. It ensures prompt treatment for minor illnesses or injuries during their stay.

    What should I consider before opting for hotel doctor in Dubai ?

    Before choosing a hotel doctor in Dubai, consider factors such as the reputation of the healthcare provider, availability of services, and cost. Ensure that the service meets your medical needs and preferences.

    How can I arrange a doctor at hotel consultation during my stay in Dubai?

    You can arrange a doctor at hotel consultation by contacting a healthcare provider like Medilife Home care Clinic  or the hotel concierge. They will assist you in scheduling a Hotel visit from a qualified doctor in Dubai.

    Are at home doctors available for emergency medical situations in Dubai?

    Yes, at home doctors are available for emergency medical situations in Dubai. Doctor visit at your place can provide immediate medical attention and treatment in the comfort of your home or office.

    What medical services can I expect from home care service Dubai providers?

    Home care service Dubai providers offer a wide range of medical services, including regular check-ups, wound care, medication management, Doctor at home Service, IV Drip at home , Blood work at home, STD testing at home, and assistance with daily activities.

    Can I request a doctor to visit home for routine health check-ups?

    Yes, you can request a doctor to visit home for routine health check-ups. They can perform comprehensive examinations, Blood checkups, Complete heath checkup , IV Drip at home service, Medicine Delivery and provide medical advice based on your health status.

    How do doctors on call Dubai handle confidentiality and privacy?

    Doctors on call Dubai prioritize confidentiality and privacy. They adhere to strict ethical standards and ensure that your medical information remains confidential at all times as per the rules and regulations of Dubai Health authority.

    What precautions are taken by dr on call services during home visits?

    Dr on call services take various precautions during home visits, such as wearing personal protective equipment, sanitizing medical equipment, and following infection control protocols. Doctor at home service helps to treat immobilized patients and elderly patients.

    Can I book a housecall doctor appointment for my elderly parents?

    Yes, you can book a housecall doctor  appointment for your elderly parents and Doctors vistit your home or hotel in Dubai as per scheduled time. This service allows them to receive medical care at home, or hotel ensuring their comfort and convenience.

    How does home health care in Dubai differ from traditional healthcare?

    Home health care in Dubai provides personalized medical services tailored to individual needs in the comfort of one’s home or hotel whereas traditional healthcare requires patients to visit medical facilities for treatment. Home health care clinics provides at home doctor visit in Dubai, Iv theray at home, At home Blood works , STD Screening at home etc..

    What are the advantages of doctor home visits for patients with mobility issues?

    Doctor home visits services in Dubai offer significant advantages for patients with mobility issues, including reduced stress, enhanced comfort, and improved access to medical care without the need for transportation.

    Are at home medical care services suitable for post-surgery recovery?

    Yes, at home medical care services are suitable for post-surgery recovery. They provide comprehensive care, including Doctor consultation , Blood tests, IV Therapy , wound care, medication management, and rehabilitation exercises, to facilitate recovery at home.

    How do I schedule a home visiting doctor in Dubai appointment?

    Scheduling a home visiting doctor in Dubai appointment is easy. You can contact a healthcare provider or use online platforms to book an appointment at your preferred date and time for at home doctor consultation in Dubai

    Can I request home care services in Dubai for a family member recuperating from an illness?

    Yes, you can request home care services in Dubai for a family member recuperating from an illness. These services offer personalized care and support to promote recovery and well-being.

    What types of medical conditions can be treated by doctor on call in Dubai services?

    Doctor at home on call in Dubai services can treat a wide range of medical conditions, including fever, flu, infections, minor injuries, chronic illnesses, and acute health issues requiring immediate attention.

    How quickly can I expect a doctor at home in Dubai to arrive after scheduling an appointment?  The arrival time of a doctor at home in Dubai may vary depending on factors such as location and demand. However, most providers strive to reach patients within a reasonable time frame, typically within an hour or less. You can book your slot for at home doctor service as per your preffered time through Medilife Home care service

    Are doctors on home visit available for pediatric consultations?

    Yes, doctors on home visit are available for pediatric consultations. They specialize in providing medical care to children and can address various health concerns, including vaccinations, growth monitoring, and common childhood illnesses.

    Can I avail of housecall doctor services for elderly patients with complex medical needs?

    Yes, house call doctor consultation services cater to elderly patients with complex medical needs. They offer comprehensive care management, including medication management, chronic disease management, and palliative care, to support their health and well-being.

    What are the benefits of doctor home visits for individuals with chronic conditions?  Doctor home visits offer several benefits for individuals with chronic conditions, such as personalized care plans, regular monitoring, medication adjustments, and preventive interventions to manage their health more effectively.

    Are home healthcare services in Dubai covered by insurance plans?

    Some insurance plans may cover home healthcare services in Dubai depending on the policy terms and coverage options. It’s advisable to check with your insurance provider to determine the extent of coverage for such services.

    Can I request  home medical care for post-operative wound care and dressing changes?  Yes, home medical care providers offer post-operative wound care and dressing changes as part of their services. They ensure proper wound healing, infection prevention, and pain management to promote recovery.

    How do at-home doctors ensure continuity of care for patients with ongoing medical needs?

    At-home doctors in Dubai ensure continuity of care for patients with ongoing medical needs by maintaining detailed medical records, collaborating with other healthcare providers, and regularly monitoring their health status to adjust treatment plans as needed.

    What is the process for requesting a doctor hotel visit  for medical consultation? To request a doctor hotel visit for medical consultation, you can contact a healthcare provider or the hotel’s concierge desk or Call Medilife at +97152 345 2646.  They will assist you in scheduling an appointment and arranging for the doctor to visit your hotel room at the designated time.

    Are hotel doctor services available for tourists visiting Dubai? Yes, hotel doctor services are available for tourists visiting Dubai. These services cater to travelers who may require medical assistance during their stay in hotels, providing convenient access to healthcare without the need to leave their accommodation. Medilife Home care clinic is providing Doctor at hotel for consultations.

    Can I schedule a doctor at hotel visit for non-emergency medical issues?

    Yes, you can schedule a “doctor at hotel” visit for non-emergency medical issues. These visits are ideal for minor health concerns, routine check-ups, medication refills, and other non-urgent medical needs that can be addressed in the comfort of your hotel room.

    How do hotel visiting doctors in Dubai ensure patient confidentiality and privacy?

    Hotel visiting doctors in Dubai prioritize patient confidentiality and privacy by adhering to strict confidentiality policies and maintaining professional standards of conduct. They ensure that all medical consultations and treatments are conducted discreetly and securely, respecting the patient’s privacy at all times.

    Can I rely on hotel doctor services for emergency medical situations?

    While hotel doctor services are primarily intended for non-emergency medical issues, they can also provide initial assessment and stabilization in emergency situations until further medical assistance arrives. However, in life-threatening emergencies, it’s essential to call emergency services or visit the nearest hospital for immediate care.

    Patients' Testimonials

    What people say about us

    حسان الامين
    حسان الامين
    September 26, 2023
    Done my blood tests with medilife Amit very profesinal profesinal Nurse. I'm very happy highly recomanded. !! Thank you
    afadodan peter
    afadodan peter
    September 9, 2023
    Professional service by Amit Nurse. He very kind and shoft Thanks
    Blyden Raphael
    Blyden Raphael
    August 20, 2023
    Professional service from Amit Nurse, Painless process. Highly recommend
    Simon Lithgow
    Simon Lithgow
    August 13, 2023
    Excellent service.
    Dio Conde
    Dio Conde
    August 4, 2023
    Good Service from Amit Nurse
    red mr
    red mr
    July 27, 2023
    very gôd service with Amit Nurse. done blood test . Thank you
    Seny Lamah
    Seny Lamah
    July 22, 2023
    Good expérience with Amit Nurse
    bernadette olemou
    bernadette olemou
    July 22, 2023
    Amit Nurse very kind and professional. Thank you medilife !
    Rupesh Sharma
    Rupesh Sharma
    July 12, 2023
    Professional service with Amit Nurse. Highly recommend. Thank you Amit & Medilife.
    Sumteen Leo
    Sumteen Leo
    July 7, 2023
    Amit Nurse very polite nurse and nice blood test services 😊

    Homecare FAQs

    Common inquiries regarding home care services ​

    In Dubai, Medilife Healthcare Services provides the most trustworthy lab test at home services. Call or WhatsApp us at 800MEDILIFE to set up a lab or blood test appointment, or fill out the online form to request one.

    Medilife Healthcare offer all lab test home services to the whole Emirate of Dubai. Don’t worry if you’re at a hotel, office, or home; our skilled and DHA-approved team of doctors will collect your sample at your residense.

    Yes, regardless of your location, Medilife Health Care Services guarantees to deliver home care service at your residence. Dial 800MEDILIFE  to utilise our Lab test at home service whether you’re at a hotel or at work in Dubai, and our team of nurses will be there in a matter of minutes to take your sample.

    Yes. Medilife Health Treatment is constantly dedicated to delivering the greatest care for our patients, regardless of the day, time, or event. On weekends and public holidays, lab tests or blood tests at home are accessible.

    The staff will require the following information or documents:
    1. The patient’s whole name.
    2. The patient’s date of birth.
    3. Identification with a photograph, such as an Emirates ID or a passport.
    4. Contact details, such as a phone number or email address.

    Medilife Health Care Services in Dubai employs only professionals who are properly qualified, trained, DHA certified, and experienced.

    The lab test or blood test results will be ready by the specified TAT and will be sent to you by email and WhatsApp.

    Yes, the DHA has cleared the sample workers and labs. You will receive quick and reliable test results in a timely manner.

    Medilife Home Healthcare Dubai a doctor in a white coat

    Medilife Home Care Services

    Why should you consider Medilife homecare services for Doctor on call?

    Medilife Healthcare Services has always followed its commitment to providing you with high-quality services at your convenience. We provide a variety of services that are available to everyone at any time. Medilife Healthcare Services is well-known for providing the best home healthcare services in Dubai, including at-home lab testing. By choosing our call doctor near me option, you can easily find a local doctor ready to provide personalized care. With our call for doctor service, you can rest assured that expert medical assistance is always within reach. Simply call doctor when you need medical attention, and our house call doctor will be on their way to provide the care you need. Our home care clinic is dedicated to offering high-quality healthcare services, ensuring that you receive the best possible treatment without leaving your home. Experience the convenience and professionalism of our doctor on call service in Dubai, and let us take care of your health needs right where you are.

    Medilife Homecare Services

    Additional Medical Diagnostic & Laboratory Services

    PCR Test at Home

    Express fast PCR test swab collection in Dubai within an hour, safely at home or at a hotel. The PCR test results are available in about 4 to 5 hours.

    Influenza Vaccine (FLU)​

    Although the price of the influenza vaccine is affordable, home care vaccination services ensure that you receive an excellent shot in the comfort of your own home.

    IV Fluids

    Get 100% effective IV fluids in Dubai, UAE. Request an at-home IV fluids treatment from certified infusion nurses for dehydration.

    Confidential Test

    100% Private confidential testing in Dubai at home. Antigen-antibody tests, antibody tests, and nucleic acid tests (NAT) are the three methods of confidential testing that are now available.

    Book an appointment right away!

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